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HUROM Serie H310A – Compact juicer


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The Hurom H310A compact juicer is a new model with a slim design and a focus on technological innovation on the inside.

Available in charcoal, beige, white, blue and lavender.

  • A design that blends in everywhere :
    This harmoniously shaped extractor fits perfectly into any kitchen thanks to its compact design, its attractive colour scheme and its simple but intuitive button.
  • State-of-the-art technology :
    The new multi-screw combines the pressing screw and the sieve for a two-in-one extractor.
  • A clever juicer :
    No need to prepare your food for a long time. This appliance automatically cuts them before extracting the juice.
  • Simplified cleaning :
    There are only three parts to clean. They are easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Security :
    Like all other Hurom cold juicers, the H310A is BPA-free.

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The Hurom H310A juicer is easy to assemble, intuitive and requires no special instructions.

You can add ingredients at any time.
If the lid is opened during extraction, the machine stops and restarts automatically when it is closed again.

Convenient cleaning

This user-friendly extractor can be easily dismantled and cleaned with water.

The Hurom H310A juicer comes with a detachable cable that can be stored away after use for a tidy kitchen.

Choose your favourite colour to make a style statement

Customised colours that stimulate the senses. A wide range of modern and varied colours makes our extractor fan suitable for all tastes and kitchens.

An all-in-one multi-screw

With this all-in-one system, say goodbye to spare parts ! Thanks to its unique multi-screw combination of a sieve and a squeezing screw, this extractor can prepare soft and hard fruit and vegetable juices as well as sorbets.

A small format that frees up space

The compact size of this appliance allows you to place it anywhere in your kitchen without taking up space. Juicing has never been so easy !

An extractor that fits in one hand

Thanks to its small diameter, this device fits easily in one hand while its palm-sized frame can be easily turned and opened for ergonomic use.

Hurom extracteur basse vitesse

An easy-to-open lid

Thanks to its intuitive and practical structure, the lid can be easily opened and closed at any time. If it is opened during extraction, the machine stops automatically for safety reasons.

Design without unnecessary parts for less waste

An environmentally friendly value or lifestyle that helps prevent pollution and protect our planet by reducing waste.

Juices, plant milks and even sorbets!

To make sorbets, simply mix milk and frozen fruit in the H310A extractor.

Enjoy a delicious homemade sorbet with your favourite healthy ingredients.