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NAHIBU Kit – Intestinal microbiota test


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Microbiota analysis kit

  • Composition of your microbiota
  • Complete functional assessment
  • +20 wellness scores

Personalised nutrition

  • Access to food advice
  • 200+ recommended foods
  • Adapted food supplements

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What is the gut microbiota?

The intestinal microbiota, formerly known as the intestinal flora, is an organ weighing almost 2 kg located in the intestine.

Made up of 100,000 billion bacteria, it represents an extremely rich, varied, evolving ecosystem, and above all, one that is specific to each individual.

It is composed of an average of 3.3 million genes.

What influences the composition of our gut microbiota?

Each microbiota is unique and the broad basis of its bacterial composition is set at the age of 3. Research has shown that individuals retain a set of species as they grow up.

Moreover, like any ecosystem, the intestinal microbiota is influenced by multiple factors: birth, lifestyle, environment, sporting activity, medication or antibiotics, stress, sleep and of course diet.

The abundance of bacterial species present can change over time according to these factors.

Why is the composition of our microbiota and its diversity important?

The composition of our gut microbiota affects certain functions such as the immune system, digestion, bloating and gas, cognitive abilities and memory, and sleep quality.

A diverse microbiota is therefore beneficial to good health and optimal well-being.

A digestive function

The intestinal microbiota participates in the digestion, in particular of certain fibres that are otherwise indigestible.

The intestinal bacteria provide enzymes to break down these compounds in our food. The main products of this fermentation are short chain fatty acids and gases.

The intestinal flora is also involved in the production of certain vitamins, especially the B vitamins, and in satiety.

A brain function

The intestinal microbiota activates the enteric nervous system, thus participating in intestinal motility.

The intestinal flora participates in mental health by playing a role in stress, sleep and depression, thanks to the compounds produced during the fermentation of food residues.

An immune function

The intestinal microbiota participates in the resistance to the colonisation of our intestine by potentially pathogenic organisms.

It also contributes to the barrier function (barrier between the intestinal lumen and our epithelial cells). The deterioration of the barrier function leads to inflammation.

The intestinal flora thus plays a key role in the immune balance and influences susceptibility to many immune diseases.

How it works ? microbiote intestinal

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Collection of the stool sample at home

Microbiota analysis by shotgun metagenomic sequencing

Results available after 6 to 8 weeks on

Personalized dietary advice

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What does a microbiota test really bring you?

A complete mapping of your microbiota

With the Nahibu analysis, all the secrets and potentials of your intestinal flora are revealed.

Richness : number of bacteria detected in your sample. The higher it is, the better it is for your health.

Enterotype : This is your “dominant bacterial group”.

Balance : measures the presence of dysbiosis, an altered microbiota whose composition is unbalanced.

Distribution of phyla : bacteria can be classified into phyla to give you more precision on your bacterial composition.

List of bacterial genera detected : selected by our scientific team.

The production of short chain fatty acids : it is stimulated by the degradation of fibers by intestinal bacteria.

The functions of your microbiota

By calculating the abundance of bacterial genes, Nahibu establishes the functional potential of the intestinal microbiota.

We have selected and grouped the different functions in the form of easy-to-interpret functional modules.

  • Immune defenses
  • Digestion
  • Physical abilities
  • Neuropsychic abilities
  • Contributions of the microbiota
  • Tolerance to FODMAPs (sugars that can cause digestive disorders)

Personalized nutrition with Shido

Foods, probiotics and food supplements are offered according to your results on each functional module to improve your well-being.

These suggestions are completely personalized according to the analysis of your intestinal flora.

For each food, discover its description, its nutritional information and its action on your functional modules.

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Frequently asked questions about the gut microbiota test

Why test your microbiota?

Tests of the intestinal microbiota make it possible to discover its bacterial composition, as well as its functional potential.

What does Nahibu offer?

In accordance with the International Human Microbiome Standards (International consortium), Nahibu offers an analysis of the intestinal microbiota and personalized dietary advice.

How long does it take to receive my test results?

The results of your intestinal microbiota analysis are available 6 to 8 weeks later on your personal space, after receipt of your sample.

How is the Nahibu cohort made up?

The Nahibu cohort is made up of all the users who have carried out the Nahibu analysis.

Who is the Nahibu solution for?

To all. There is no age to test your microbiota. However, it is recommended to perform the test in people over 3 years of age.

Is it possible to detect fungi with the Nahibu kit?

The Nahibu gut microbiota test analyzes the DNA of bacteria present in your sample. We do not detect fungi such as Candida Albicans.

I forgot to activate my kit before returning my sample, what should I do?

The anonymity number is essential because it allows you to link your analysis to your account. If you forgot to activate your kit before sending it, find this number in the Nahibu box. Then simply activate your kit on our Nahibu website and complete the questionnaire.

I have emptied the liquid from the tube, what should I do?

The liquid in the tube is used to store stools. It should not be emptied from the tube before analysis. If you empty this liquid, contact us by email at to let us know. We will send you a kit. You will be charged €29.90

What happens to my data?

Your data is anonymized and used for research. For this, your consent is requested upon purchase of your kit.