Diabetes is not a fatality


Author : Dr Raphaël Perez
272 pages, PDF file
Edition Lanore 2021, translation from the original 3rd edition of 2020 (updated and expanded)
Language: English

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Diabetes is a chronic disease that currently affects over 400 million people worldwide. Our current, more sedentary lifestyle, combined with a diet unsuited to human genetics, has only increased its development, leading to numerous disabling chronic pathologies. Cardiovascular diseases are thus on the increase in diabetics due to the alteration of the small vessels. The author leads us first of all to a better understanding of how this disease works, but above all to consider that it is not a fatality. By proposing an adapted lifestyle, a complete knowledge of the components of our diet and recipes to make the most of it, this book and the breaking free from diabetes Programme proposed by Dr Raphaël Perez, enables us to become actors of our health and to take back control of our body.

Chapter 1 Presentation

Chapter 2 Disease is not the fruit of luck

Chapter 3 Mechanisms leading to the disease

  • Type 2 diabetes (insufficient production insulin, insulin resistance, the altération of the oxydative capacity of glucose)
  • Alzheimer’s disease

Chapter 4 An incompatible diet with our genetics

Chapter 5 Sugar or Insulin Disease?

Chapter 6 Insulin resistance

Chapter 7 Not All Foods Are Equal

Chapter 8 Alcohol promotes variations in Blood sugar

Chapter 9 Diabetes from stress

Chapter 10 Beneficial physical activity

Chapter 11 The special case of  type 1 diabetes

  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Autoimmune diseases and the gut
  • The grain of salt that influences the body
  • The emotional cause: resisting repugnance
  • Factors favourising intestinal problems

Chapter 12 Reversing the progression of diabetes

Breaking Free From Diabetes Programme

7 pillars in 7 steps to regenerate your body and reverse diabetes

The recipes