Easy Flex


Strengthening joint health
The discomfort of joint pain, which can sometimes be a daily occurrence, affects the quality of life. Nutra Flex helps to maintain joint health with the synergy of its 7 natural ingredients.

60 capsules per bottle
1 capsule 2 times a day

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Taking my health into my own hands

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The benefits of the active ingredients in Easy Flex

The discomfort caused by joint pain gradually becomes disabling. Age is not the only cause of these disorders. Millions of British people, especially over 40, experience discomfort linked to joint pain, which can sometimes be daily …

Joint pain is mainly caused by premature wear and tear of the joints, which can be prevented and reduced.

Easy Flex combines 7 natural ingredients in a powerful formula designed to protect your joints and help reduce pain and improve mobility.

Glucosamine is synthesised by the body and is involved in the formation and healing of cartilage.
Chondroitin is involved in the functioning of the lubricating fluid in the joints and the formation of strong connective tissue.

Easy Flex contains components that are naturally present in the joints, as well as two plants that are highly valued in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric and boswellia.

Ingredients of Easy Flex

ingredients easy flex

7 natural ingredients among which :

Hyaluronic acid

  • Contributes to mobility and joint lubrification
  • Helps keep joints healthy
  • Naturally present in the joint


  • Helps to improve cartilage regeneration and nutrition
  • Has a prositive effect on teeth, nails, hair and bones
  • Nourishes the joints and encourage the synthesis of collagen in the joint cartilage
  • Promotes healthy bones and joints

Boswellia serrata

  • Helps keep joints soothed and comfortable
  • Supports joint suppleness

Curcuma longa

  • Helps maintain healthy joints and bones
  • Helps to relieve inflammatory pain
  • Helps keep skin healthy
  • Helps maintain cardiovascular health
  • Helps maintain liver health
  • Used to aid disgestion


2 capsules per day, 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening with water before or at the beginning of meals.

Store away from light, heat and moisture.

Dietary supplement, cannot replace a varied and balanced diet. To be consumed as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for children under 12 years old, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with a food allergy to shellfish.


The E Health Labs range has been specially designed to meet the demanding needs of discerning consumers, who do not always find high-end products with advanced formulations on the market.

All our supplements comply with European legislation and have been filed with the authorities.

Taking my health into my own hands