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Restoring gut health

A leaky gut is the source of many diseases. Easy Digest is specially formulated to restore the intestine with the synergy of 16 natural ingredients.

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Taking my health into my own hands

The benefits of Easy Digest?

The intestine is a central organ of our health. When the intestine begins to be weakened by an unsuitable diet or food that is too difficult to digest, or by certain medicines (anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, antacids, etc.), it no longer fulfils its protective role. It becomes porous (it leaks!) and undesirable substances pass through the intestinal barrier and can cause discomfort to many of our body’s functions.

Leaky gut : restoring the health of the intestine

The composition of Easy Digest is specially studied for the restoration of the intestine.

The ingredients of Easy Digest?

easy digest ingredients

16 complementary ingredients among which :

L-glutamine : helps to promote and maintain the integrity of the intestinal wall and plays an important role for immune system cells in the gut.

N-acetyl glucosamine : essential for the production of mucus protecting the mucous membrane by the intestinal cells.

Liquorice root : promotes digestive comfort (calms inflammation of the mucous membrane and reinforces mucus production). Licorice is traditionally used to aid digestion.

Zinc : promotes intestinal healing and helps protect cells from oxidative stress.

Clove tree : a powerful natural antioxidant

Cinnamon : promotes digestion, reduces gastrointestinal spasms and bloating.

Mugwort : relieves visceral pain, colic and flatulence

How to use Easy Digest?

3 capsules per day, 1 capsule with water before or at the beginning of meals.

Store away from light, heat and moisture.

Dietary supplement, cannot replace a varied and balanced diet. To be consumed as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for children under 12 years old, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with a food allergy to shellfish.


The E-Health Labs range has been specially designed to meet the demanding needs of discerning consumers, who do not always find high-end products with advanced formulations on the market.

All our supplements comply with European legislation and have been filed with the authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the composition of the capsules?

Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (E)464 is listed in the Codex Alimentarius as a filler, coating agent, emulsifier, stabiliser and thickener. It is a polymer obtained from wood pulp or cellulose. In the European Union, it is authorised in organic food in encapsulation material for capsules only. The manufacturing process does not use any chemical additives or products of animal origin.

I have high blood pressure, is the liquorice in Easy Digest good for me?

The liquorice contained in Easy Digest is deglycyrrhizined, which means that it does not contain glycyrrhizic acid and therefore should not cause any problem on blood pressure. You can nevertheless start on 2 capsules per day to see how it goes in relation to blood pressure and to ask your doctor’s advice.

Can taking Easy digest cause digestive discomfort (liver, stomach, intestine pain)?

It is possible that you may not tolerate the product well. This is rare. But as with any supplement, some people do not tolerate it.

Can it be taken with liver or kidney weakness?

Easy Digest should not be used in case of kidney failure or liver disorders (cirrhosis of the liver, liver failure).

Can the Easy Digest be used with cortisone medications?

Easy Digest should not be used concomitantly with corticosteroid medications taken orally or by injection.

Why is it recommended on the instructions not to use the Easy Digest for more than 6 weeks?

Easy Digest contains liquorice. Consumption of high doses of deglycyrrhizinated liquorice can lead to a mineralocorticoid intoxication syndrome. Although the liquorice used in the Easy Digest is deglycyrrhizinised and is not present in high quantities, as a precautionary measure, the statement “Do not use for more than 6 weeks without medical advice” is indicated.

Which shellfish is present in the Easy Digest?

Glucosamine is made from the chitin extracted from the shells of crustaceans (shrimps, langoustines, crabs, lobsters). It is mainly extracted from shrimp, but in the event of failure to arrive, it is possible that the laboratory uses another crustacean.

Taking my health into my own hands